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Healthy Heart Bundle 30 Day

complete the bundle & 100% no-risk money back gurantee

This bundle comes with one TIN Mix Healthy Heart 30-Day supply and one TIN Gummy of your choosing. Choose from Everyday Strength, Bone Strength, Sleep Aid, Digestive Health, C-Boost, Hair & Skin, Heart Mind Vision, or Immunity gummies. 

TIN Mix Healthy Heart 30-Day supply comes in three pouches daily, one for morning, night, and bedtime. Get our pharmacist recommended mix of CoQ10, Omega 3, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Red Yeast Rice. Support your heart and improve your cardiovascular health.* TIN Mix pouches individually marked with the vitamins and supplements inside and can be personalized with your name...just add your name in the field when adding to the cart. TIN Mix pouches are easily removed from the box and ready for travel or those on-the-go.

Meet Your Wellness Goals


Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Healthy Heart TIN MIX


Promotes protection of the heart, brain and skeletal muscles. Powerful antioxidant properties. Supports cell growth

Omega 3

Supports cardiovascular health. Helps lower blood pressure. Promotes brain health & healthy inflammatory response.

Folic Acid

Promotes heart health. Helps red blood cell formation. Supports healthy cell growth and function. Supports a healthy pregnancy.

Vitamin D

Promotes healthy inflammatory response. Helps improve mood. Supports bone health.


Supports heart health. Supports nervous system. helps improve energy levels. Promotes anti-inflammatory benefits.

Red Yeast Rice

Supports heart health. Helps improves circulation. Supports a healthy metabolism. Helps lower cholesterol.

3 Packets Daily

For maximum benefit

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"What's great about this company is they send the vitamins in easy to recognize boxes, packed in convenient little sachets."


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