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Red Yeast Rice as a Cholesterol Lowering Agent That Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Red yeast rice has long been used in Asian diet and medicine. Its red color comes from the fermentation of a red yeast called Monascus purpureusthat produces a hypocholesterolemic compound known as monacolin K.  Today,  it is available as an oral supplement to aid in lowering cholesterol and reducing risks of heart disease.  This is important because it is a known fact that high cholesterol is dangerous to your longterm health. The cholesterol not used in the body is stored in your arteries. If your arteries run out of room to store them, then you will practically block the blood flow. This causes heart attacks and strokes.

Both alternative and traditional medical practitioners recognize the beneficial role of red yeast rice as a cholesterol-lowering and circulation-boosting compound that ultimately support a healthy heart. In fact, Recent studies show that short-term supplementation of monacolin K improves lipid and metabolic patterns in patients with high colsterol.

The inclusion of natural, cholesterol-lowering compounds like red yeast rice as part of a healthier diet and lifestyle  augments your efforts to give your heart the extra boost it needs to remain healthy.

Top 3 Reasons to Include Red Yeast Rice supplement as part of your daily vitamin regimen.

  1. It is All-Natural:

    Red yeast rice is wholly natural. The introduction of the yeast strain monascus purpureus to the rice and its subsequent fermentation is aided only by Mother Nature’s provision of warmth and water.
  2. It is Easy to Add to Your Everyday Diet:

    There are various ways of introducing this red yeast rice into your diet and healthier lifestyle. While it is available as a food additive, it is also available as an oral dietary supplement. TIN Vitamin Heart Health bundle offers Red Yeast Rice as part of a specially curated combination designed by pharmacists to support heart heatlh.
  3. Ideal for proactive steps towards a healthy heart:

    research shows monacolin K, the active ingredient in red yeast rice supplements appear to be safe, well tolerated and effective at improving lipid and glucose patterns.

Red yeast rice may support heart health and reduce cholesterol levels, inflammation, and improve  metabolic function.



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